Her Words, Horsham Regional Art Gallery (February 2019). Curator. Artists: TBC

One on One, Bundoora Homestead (19 May - 29 July, 2018)                                                                    Showcased nine jewellers and object makers who invite play and movement in their work. The artists include Chris Bahng, Katie Collins, Anna Davern, Mark Edgoose, Hendrik Forster, Wanda Gillespie, Annie Gobel, Wendy Korol and Claire McArdle. Curated by Olivia Poloni

Exhibitions Manager - Curator at Craft Victoria, Melbourne (2016 - 2017)

Episodes: Australian Photography Now, Dong Gang International Photography Festival, Dong Gang Museum of Photography, South Korea (18 July - 21 September, 2014). Assistant Curator (Co-Curators Natalie King and Youngmi Park)                                                                                                                           Artists: Polly Borland, Michael Cook, Destiny Deacon and Virginia Fraser, Paul Knight, Tracey Moffatt, Polixeni Papapetrou, Trent Parke, Patrick Pound, Martin Smith, Christian Thompson and William Yang

A Monument within a Sculpture, Asialink Residency Laboratory, Fukutake Asia Art Platform at the Setouchi Triennale, Japan (20 July - 3 September 2013). Project Manager. Artist: Jackson Slattery       Further information 

Trust Me, Galerie Desaga Satellite Space 'Sudermanplatz'. (7 October - November 2011). Curator. Artist: Tony Garifalakis and Jackson Slattery

Cut that Shark Open, Mailbox 141. (25 January - 5 March 2010). Curator Artists: Ruth Fleishman, Marc Freeman and Nathan Gray  

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, Nellie Castan Gallery. (August 2009). Curator. Artists: Dorota Mytych, Laresa Kosloff, Sanne Mestrom, Izabela Pluta, James and Eleanor Avery and Matthew Watts

Elsewhere, Nellie Castan Gallery. (December, 2007). Curator. Artists includes Natasha Frisch, Masato Takasaka, Anna-Maria O’Keefe, Adam Pyett, Martin Smith, Lisa Radford and Susan Wirth

Shrine On: You Crazy Diamond, Platform ARI. (April, 2007). Co-curated with Jessie Borrell. Artists: Kit Wise, Anna-Maria O’Keeffe, Warren Fithie, Louise Hubbard, Jaques Soddell, Spiros Panigriakis, Anna Schembri, Matthew Shannon, Rachael Hooper, Louise Harper and Ruth Johnstone. A project supported by the VIA-N Festival through Arts Victoria

Side Stitch, Blindside ARI as part of the L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival (February, 2007). Curator. Artists: Kate Just, Stephen Gallagher, Tamara Marwood and Michelle Hammer

B-Side, Blindside ARI (December, 2006). Co-curated with Jessie Borell. Artists: Steven Rendall, Jessie Angwin, Eleanor Avery, James Avery, Natasha Frisch, Anna Maria O’Keefe, Kit Wise. A project supported by The City of Melbourne

Pleasures and Terrors – The City, Blindside ARI. (May, 2006). Curator. Artists: Kit Wise, Pip Edwards, Paul White, Geneine Honey and Natasha Frisch

Paper Chase, Nellie Castan Gallery. (December,2005). Co-curated with Dana Kornhauser. Artists: Penelope Aitken, Naomi Bishop, Ben Booth, Kate Cotching, Martine Crompt, Madeleine Donovan, Pip Edwards, Matt Gardiner, Peter Grziwotz, Anna Hoyle, Noriko Ikaga, Irianna Kanellopoulou, Rob McHaffie, Viv Miller, Clinton Nain, Geoff Newton, Dennis Nona, Polixeni Papapetrou, Nusra Latif Qureshi, Sabeen Raja, Naeem Rana, Stephen Rendall, Kate Shaw, Arlene TextaQueen, Michelle Usher, Paul White